Generative Hotel Design
for real estate development is here

Developers can now leverage the power of a million architects
with the world’s fastest and most powerful cloud-based generative design platform.

Meet the Parafin team at the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference


Parafin is a generative design platform which generates brand compliant hotel designs, budgets, financial proformas in seconds.  Parafin integrates major hotel brand data, so when a developer is hunting for new land deals, they can quickly test different hotel brands and assumptions.

Parafin saves developers time and money by instantly generating optimized hotel designs on new land deals.  What once took weeks, now takes seconds.  Parafin allows a developer to look at more deals faster.

Parafin has the latest design data for many Hilton, Choice, Red Roof and Marriott brands.  New brands are updated regularly.

Parafin is a powerful cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) which real estate developers use to analyze deals.  Simply login to any web browser and start running new projects. 

Parafin is an annual subscription and the cost is based on the number of deals a developer anticipates looking at.  Please reach out to get a quote.