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Real Estate Development is time-consuming, costly, and risky.
Every deal demands the team's time and focus.

Parafin Problem

Great developers don't fail because they can't build buildings.
They fail to build pipelines when the time is right.

Because of team size and expense, most developers only have the bandwidth to look at a single site at a time. Using PARAFIN, the same development team could analyze nearly infinite sites. PARAFIN's speed empowers developers to acquire viable sites faster than competitors.

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Brian Ahmes

Parafin Brian Ahmes

Adam Hengels

Parafin Adam Hengels

Ryan Gathmann

Parafin Ryan Gathmann

After four decades combined in industries saddled with centuries of linear innovation, the PARAFIN team is dedicated to launching the real estate and AEC industries into the exponential paradigm with PARAFIN, powered by Value-Integrated Parametric Design©.

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